Grocery store shopping



I feel like when it comes to grocery shopping you either love it or hate it. Personally I find it rather fun and enjoyable. This blog is going to cover some ideas on how to save money, not to buy “crap” food.

 To state the obvious, never ever ever shop on an empty stomach. You will spend a lot more and you won’t buy the healthy food you intended on purchasing. Food can be kind of like clothes.. Buy during the correct season!

Unless you specifically need something try shopping around the outside perimeter of grocery store, not in the aisles. That is where they keep the junk food and processed food that isn’t good for our bodies.  


Try to shop when you’re alone, you will buy less! I know it can be fun to go with a friend or roommate, but trust me on this one. I like to bring my iPod and listen to my music.  Also shopping early in the day and earlier in the week makes it so much more enjoyable if its not crowded and you don’t have to wait an hour in line to check out.

Don’t use coupons… wait what.. Do you ever see a coupon for lettuce or oranges? NO.  Coupons may offer savings, but they’re usually for some sort of processed food. Yes, obviously if its for something you frequently buy its okay to use a coupon.

You often hear the term buy in bulk; it will save you money they said. Well that is the case in many things especially if you have a SAM’s membership. However, that’s better if you have a large family or just want to buy toilet paper and paper towels.

Cut up your own food. I cannot stress this enough, how those little containers of pre cut veggies or fruit cost so much more that buying an actual apple, orange, and grapes.   

Generic vs. organic vs. name brand… Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Which is which and which one do you need to buy. I personally buy about ½ of my fruit and veggies organic, depending on how they look in the store. All of the meat I buy is organic or grass fed beef. I don’t usually buy generic name brands, but if you don’t care you can save more money if you do.  Do your research, and buy what you feel comfortable with. Don’t buy organic just to buy it.

Shopping for groceries can be fun if you let it! So eat a good meal, grab your list and your iPod and you are ready to go. 

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Happy Shopping!



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