Inside A Woman’s Mind At Target

This is exactly how I feel every single time I visit Target and I LOVE it.

Thought Catalog


A trip to Target is a lot like how I imagine heroin must be. There’s always a rush of excitement when you first walk inside, and most times you’re not even sure why you’re there to begin with, yet almost every time you leave with a feeling of remorse, guilt and a set of new track marks on your arms. But still in the back of your mind you already know you’ll be returning very soon… to take something back you tell yourself.

Somewhere along the line it spread through the stay-at-home-mom circle that Target is the best place to bring your screaming child on a Friday morning, because they are everywhere. The mothers all have that same dazed look in their eye, that look that says they are so emotionally beat down from their child’s torment all week but they are going to persevere on regardless. They’re going…

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