World Traveling

Summer is coming, ready or not. Wether your traveling to another state, or half way around the world everyone wants the best deal.

The best day to buy a ticket is on Tuesday, and the best day to fly is on Wednesday.

Don’t use a travel agent if you can help it. Use social media and do your own research to find the best deals. 2012-10-01 23.34.40

For help figuring out whether it is cheaper to fly or drive, check out, which compares the cost of flying to the cost of driving to a given destination. Users can select the make and model of their car to get a more precise estimation.

Buy that delightfully grotesque souvenir, even if you don’t know who to give it to. Odds are, you will think of someone for whom it would be perfect. Worst-case scenario, you’ll keep it for yourself. Which is a really great worst-case scenario.

Certain destinations offer special deals. For the fall, Caribbean Islands offer deals during their hurricane season.


Wherever you  are, wherever you are going, bring snacks. Snacks can save you lots of money, unless your at an all inclusive resort. Most people think these types of resorts are WAY more expensive, but when you pay it all up front it’s such a relief to not think about it and eat and drink as much as you want.

Don’t let airlines charge you for your bags, and always weigh your bag before you go. Think about things you might purchase on your trip and leave room for them!

2012-09-12 00.46.04


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