Thriftin’ Away

This week is going to be all about how to find good thrift stores and what to buy and not to buy from them! So in my experience, a thrift store in the nice part of town usually has better stuff than the one in the bad part of town, and they are usually less picked over. There are always exceptions to the rule but you would rather go to Goodwill in Highland Park than in some tiny town that no ones every heard of.

There are also awesome online websites that can help you find thrift stores or resale shops in your area. Just enter the zip code on  and it tells you all of the stores listed in that area, complete with their hours, location and how to sign up for their mailing lists.

 Seasonal rule..When people clean out their house and give stuff away then its time to hit up the thrift stores. Just after the first of the year is a great time, too. Not only is it the deadline for making donations that you can write off on your taxes, but it’s also right after the holiday season when people have bought tons of new stuff and are shedding the old stuff to make room. When you feel the need to start cleaning your house, take a load with you and get new stuff and the thrift store.


Best day! Is there really such a thing?

So it takes a couple of days for most thrift stores to process the items dropped off. So the best days to go are usually Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.The exception to this rule (locally) is Goodwill. I go to Goodwill on Sunday because that’s when they announce the color of the tag that’s going to be discounted for the week, and that’s when all the good sale stuff first becomes available. Usually by Monday morning, most of the good stuff that was discounted is already gone and it’s just junky stuff left on sale. Go often and don’t just visit the same stores.

 Try to be open to new projects. Some things will look cheap and ugly but with a little sandpaper and paint you can make it new again.

Also don’t just think furniture. Nice business clothes can be found at these stores too! I have an interview tomorrow and I got some Ralph Lauren pumps that are going to be perfect.



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