Of course, it is only April and there’s still a slight nip in the air (perhaps wearing a t-shirt and sandals to work today was a touch optimistic), so the trick is to introduce some key SS14 pieces that will freshen up your wardrobe but won’t leave you shivering at the bus stop, or with a credit card bill full of regret if we suddenly plunge back into mid-winter again.


This summers big things:








high-waisted-shorts-4 theberry.com









As we all know Texas weather can get pretty hot and it becomes a challenge to dress fashionable and still stay cool. You can take all morning perfecting your make-up and it will sweat off by the end of the day. The night before heading out to work or school you rummage through your closet for the indefectible outfit you will wear for the next day, taking a chance of being the victim of, dare we say sweat stains, eww! There are many options to choose from when dressing for the Texas heat. Wearing printed or lightweight fabrics or fabrics that are know for great absorption. Here are some pointers to remember when preparing to step outside.


When it comes to picking out your clothes, you want to consider the fabric used to construct the garment. Remember that manmade fabrics such as polyester are not good for absorbency. More natural fibers like cotton and linen blends are great for warm weather. Even rayon can be worn, although it is a semi-synthetic fiber, rayon does not insulate body heat making it a great option for humid weather.


Prints are a great solution for concealing those icky sweat stains. And referring back to past post on mix and matching prints this would give you the opportunity to try out one of summer’s hottest trends.

Face value

Unless you’re going to work there really isn’t a need to apply a lot of make-up. If you feel naked without foundation, why not opt for a sun kissed glow using a bronzer and a little blush or a tinted moisturizer can also be an option. This will give the effect of a natural look. All that needs to be added is a little mascara and maybe a nude lip-gloss or to add some color a great lip stain. Covergirl has a new line of affordable lip stains that work really well.

The last thing to remember before taking your next trip outside is to always apply sunscreen. It doesn’t matter what your skin tone is, down the line you will be thankful that you took the necessary precautions to protect your skin from the sun, which can cause premature aging. Check out the slide show for some outfit and make-up inspirations.


Obviously wear what makes you comfortable, but remember it’s gonna be HOT!



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