Decorating in 24

Hey y’all, this weeks post is going to be a little bit of a change up. This past weekend I went to Galveston, Texas and had to decorate and buy everything for a house in basically 24 hours for my boss. Some of you may think ewe or I would hate that..Well for me it was pure bliss! Oh and I didn’t really have a budget, but there are only a few stores on the island. On the drive down I call and order the furniture that I want and have them deliver it to the address and fingers crossed it matches the soft beachy theme I planned in my head.

Luckily I enlisted the help of my best friend Shelby, as we enter Target with our mile long list it occurs to us that this is going to take a while.. We start with the bedrooms, comforters, pillows, rugs etc. Then we go to the bathroom section and pick out what we need.. DON’T forget the clear shower liner like we did! Some other vital things not to forget are a bottle opener, toilet paper, a tool set, light bulbs and batteries. We then got the television, dishware, coffee makes, and basically anything you could want or need in a vacation home.  8 shopping carts and 4 hours later I’m checking out at Target. 

When we finally get to the house and unload the car, the furniture and mattresses are already installed, and it’s looking great.

Now to make it not look like the house was covered in Target, we went to a few consignment stores and found some very cute nautical and beach themed art and decor that we added around the house. Also found some great pieces at Galveston Furniture and they were very helpful!

Some tips to speed things along:

  • Get some friends to help out
  • Be as organized as possible
  • Throw away your trash as you go, or you will look up and you can’t walk anywhere because of all the trash and empty boxes.
  • Stay on budget or as close to it as you can. I was given a budget and I didn’t go more than 600 dollars over budget!
  • This girl has some great tips on decorating!

Here are some photos from the house! Enjoy





Happy Shopping!